Property Fund Investment

Centaur Property has positioned itself as a leading provider of sub $20m real estate backed senior and mezzanine loans to the Australian property development sector.  As a non bank private lender, the firm has taken advantage of the lack of competition in the sub $20m lending space and the conservative lending habits of the major banks to fund smaller development projects.

Centaur Property is an institutional wholesale fund manager with over $600m in gross funds under management.  Current investors include industry superannuation funds as well as family office and high net worth investors.

Centaur Property is 100% owned by its management team who are totally aligned to the performance of its funds and investments.

Proven Track Record

Since inception, Centaur Property has been able to generate strong returns for its investors.  The firm has now provided a total of $597m in finance to 136 property development projects throughout Australia. To date, the firm has exited 99 investments and investors have received over $445m in returned capital, realising a gross IRR of 16.2%. To date, Centaur Property has repaid 100% of the principal and return on all of its loan investments.

The current portfolio of investments are forecast to generate an IRR in excess of 12.0% net to investors. The lower forecast return, reflects a conscious decision to provide more 1st mortgage senior loans following a tightening of credit across the Australian banking sector.

Centaur Property has a robust and dynamic investment approach that has been proven through the property cycle.  The firm is continually reviewing and adapting its investment focus to match changing market conditions to deliver the best risk adjusted returns for investors.

Real Estate Debt Funds

Centaur Property has successfully raised three real estate debt funds and will launch its fourth fund in the second half of 2020.

Centaur Property is currently investing through its third fund, Real Estate Debt Fund 3 (RED3). RED3 (together with co-investors) has commitments in excess of $190m from institutional wholesale investors.  RED3 is targeting a 12% net IRR to investors with a 85% weighting to 1st mortgage lending.

Centaur Property is also able to facilitate separately managed account and co-investment opportunities alongside fund investments.

How to invest

For information about investing with Centaur Property please contact Joshua Rowe on +61 2 8005 2745.